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Why is a Cambridge qualification so valuable?

‘Will it teach me what I need to know?’, ‘Will it get me where I want to be?’: two of the most important questions to ask of any qualification.

Students want studying for qualifications to be challenging and enjoyable – to give them excellent preparation for success in their next steps in education or work.

Parents want to know that a qualification has international value and is accepted by universities and employers as evidence of real ability in the subject studied.

Successful students

Cambridge IGSE and A Levels

Students who want to be successful need not only knowledge and understanding, but also need to learn how to make the best of what they know - and how to keep on learning in today’s fast-developing world.

Cambridge international qualifications give students excellent preparation for their next steps in education, work and life.

Recognised and accepted qualifications

Widespread 'recognition' – or official acceptance - of a qualification is essential. Universities and employers worldwide recognise Cambridge qualifications. In particular, Cambridge International AS and A Level qualifications are recognised by universities as proof of the ability required to enter a degree course - and in some universities, Cambridge qualifications can even earn advanced credit.

Enjoy learning

Students enjoy learning with Cambridge. Syllabuses – which describe what students learn to gain the qualification - are well structured, engaging and up to date, motivating students to learn and to apply their knowledge.

Syllabuses are flexible. Students can pick the subjects that suit them. Teachers can adapt the content to their local context, making study more relevant and interesting.

Support for students and teachers

Cambridge Students provides a range of resources to help you study and revise for the exam.

Cambridge also gives schools extensive support so teachers can help students get the best results they can in the examination.

The world's most popular international qualifications

Cambridge IGCSE – the International General Certificate of Secondary Education – is the world's most popular international academic qualification for 14-16 year olds, available in over 70 different subjects. 

Cambridge IGCSE leads directly to A Levels, the 'gold standard' pre-university qualification, recognised worldwide. Every year tens of thousands of Cambridge students get the A Level grades they need to go to university, where they arrive well prepared for their degree course – some even earning advanced credit for their qualifications.

Grade Progress

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