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Virtual Classroom
At Learning on-Line international we understand the difficulties facing the home learner. Throughout the on-line learning programme your tutors will help you establish your own learning space, your classroom away from school, along with all the support that you need to succeed in your educational adventure.

So what exactly does an educator do? The role of the educator has changed in modern times. Sure, we are still here to help you through difficult areas of study, this is called teaching. Most importantly we are here to help you acquire your own knowledge, this is called scaffolding. When you, the learner, acquire your own knowledge, you own that knowledge, and nothing can take that away from you. So how does this all happen?

The answer is assessment. Assessment is the most powerful tool that an educator possesses. There are many reasons why we assess.

Learning on-Line International’s programme of assessment helps to develop learners knowledge, skills, and values. Throughout the programme, the individual strengths and weaknesses are being identified, resulting in the provision of additional work, either remedial or enrichment. Sometimes we may find it necessary to revisit and revise certain sections of the curriculum with you. Most importantly, our programme is designed to motivate and encourage you, the learner. Because everyone is different, we employ various types of assessments, designed to actively get the learner involved in the assessment process. After all, the end goal of any educational programme is to pass the final examination. Our primary objective is to prepare you for that final examination so that you walk in confident, knowing what to expect, and able to perform at your 

Mission statement:

To empower a generation of students to become creative thinkers who are able to critically evaluate and find innovative solutions to the challenges facing a post modern society today through the provision of the most creative and current on-line learning programmes available.


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