Learning Program and Assessment

Learning Program and Assessment Process

study excellenceAssessments are the core structure behind our teaching and learning process. Everyone is an individual and therefore we employ various types of assessments, designed to actively get the learner involved in the assessment process. The end goal of any educational programme is to pass the final examination. Our primary objective is to prepare you for that final examination so that you walk in confident, knowing what to expect, and able to perform at your individual best.

So how do we go about this process:

  1. All your teaching and learning materials are included in the course fees. These are released to you upon the attainment of certain milestones.
  2. In your admission pack, you will receive textbooks, a Syllabus, and a Scheme of Work. The scheme of work is designed to introduce the syllabus topics in a logical and progressive manner. You will also receive a time planner based on the intended examination date that you have chosen.
  3. On-line lesson plans which take the place of a real-life tutor are made available to you as you progress through the work. They will guide you in every aspect of the work that is to be covered and will often include links to other sites for you to view or research; as well as videos and additional resources to support learning.
  4. The lesson plans have built in checks to determine if you have gained possession of the knowledge, skills, and values required to progress to the next lesson.
  5. There is a continual focus on assessment, actively getting the learner involved. Each course has a different amount of assessments that are required to be completed and submitted. The amount and type of assessments is in line with the National Guidelines on Recording and Assessment. This means that you are graded as though you were in a normal school.
  6. The results of the assessments are communicated to the learner and any other nominated stakeholders. This means that everyone who is interested in the education of the learner knows exactly how the learner is getting on and if the time-frame is on track: this information is available immediately and is updated automatically.
  7. The learner may contact the tutor by email to discuss any areas of difficulty. A telephone call can then be booked if required.
  8. Some subjects have Skype conferences to discuss topics. These are recorded for future reference.
  9. We are genuinely interested in your learning experience. Your tutors assist you in every aspect of your successful learning experience. We enjoy helping you create your own learning space and encourage you to send in pictures of your personal classroom away from school. Through out the programme we provide you with study tips that have worked for us in our studies and our learning.
  10. All tutors are qualified and very experienced in their field of study and will endeavour to assist you in all aspects of your learning experience.
  11. Exam coaching enters every step of the way. We, your educators hold that final exam in sight from the first lesson. You will be assessed on your readiness for the exam at the end of your course. For those of you who need additional assistance at that time, we offer an exam coaching module.

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